Who was who in Nazi Germany

Photo of Julius Streicher at the trial

Julius Streicher

Photo of Hermann Goering at the trial

Hermann Goering

Photo of Joachim von Ribbentrop at the trial

Joachim von Ribbentrop

This section outlines the organizations and leading individuals in four overlapping spheres of Nazi Germany: the Reich ministries (the government); the Nazi party; the SS; and the Wehrmacht (the armed forces). Adolf Hitler was the head of all four of these sectors, and they became increasingly interconnected over time. Reich ministries were often matched by parallel party organizations, with the same person in charge of both. The SS began as a party organization but took over governmental functions (police and security) and created a military branch, the Waffen SS. The Wehrmacht was relatively self-contained as a Reich organization, but it held jurisdiction over the Waffen SS in military operations. These different institutions frequently competed for jurisdictional power and resources; for example, in addition to the Reich economic ministries, the SS took over economic enterprises in order to control resources and generate income. Much of the information in this section is drawn from the encyclopedias compiled by L. L. Snyder and C. Zentner, and from Anatomy of the SS State, editied by E. Wiskemann.

For details on the organization and leaders of the SS Economic and Administrative Main Office (WVHA, 1942-45), see the introduction to NMT Case 4, USA v. Oswald Pohl et al. For more information on the medical officials, see the introduction to NMT Case 1, USA v. Karl Brandt et al. (the Medical Case).

Government (Reich Chancellery and ministries)

SS (Schutzstaffel of the NSDAP and Reich police and security services)

NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party)

(Subordinated non-party organizations are enclosed in curly braces.)

Military (Wehrmacht)

(The organization of the armed forces (Wehrmacht) changed from 1934 to 1941, with Hitler assuming more control; this list covers 1939-45.)

Alphabetical List of Persons

(This includes all defendants in IMT and NMT 1-4.)