The 13 Nuremberg Trials, 1945-1949

Trial summaries, indictments, persons involved, chronologies of proceedings

The website currently describes and presents the documents used in the following Nuremberg Trials: NMT Cases 1-4, 7, 9 and the IMT (prosecution documents only -- the defense documents have not yet been posted). Twenty-four individuals and six organizations were indicted.

Photograph for trial IMT: Trial of Major War Criminals - USA et al. v. Hermann Goering et al.

Hermann Göring, Karl Dönitz and Rudolf Hess

International Military Tribunal (IMT: USA, France, UK and USSR vs. Hermann Goering et al.; 1945-1946): prosecution of prominent members of the political, military, judicial and economic leadership of Nazi Germany, carried out, or otherwise participated in the Holocaust and other war crimes

Photograph for trial NMT 01. Medical Case - USA v. Karl Brandt, et al.

Karl Brandt

Medical Trial (NMT 1: USA vs. Karl Brandt et al.; 1946-1947): 23 Nazi physicians of the Action T4

Photograph for trial NMT 02. Milch Case - USA v. Erhard Milch

Erhard Milch

Milch Trial (NMT 2: USA vs. Erhard Milch; 1946-1947): Field Marshal Erhard Milch of the Luftwaffe

Photograph for trial NMT 03. Justice Case - USA v. Josef Altstoetter, et al.

Josef Altstötter

Justice Trial (NMT 3: USA vs. Josef Altstoetter et al.; 1947): 16 Nazi German "racial purity" jurists

Photograph for trial NMT 04. Pohl Case - USA v. Oswald Pohl, et al.

Oswald Pohl

Pohl Trial (NMT 4: USA vs. Oswald Pohl et al.; 1947): Oswald Pohl and 17 SS officers

Flick Trial (NMT 5: USA vs. Friedrich Flick et al.; 1947): Friedrich Flick and 5 directors of his companies

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IG Farben Trial (NMT 6: USA vs. Carl Krauch et al.; 1947-1948): 24 directors of IG Farben, maker of Zyklon B

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Photograph for trial NMT 07. Hostage Case - USA v. Wilhelm List, et al.

Wilhelm List

Hostages Trial (NMT 7: USA vs. Wilhelm List et al.; 1947-1948): 12 German generals of the Balkan Campaign

RuSHA Trial (NMT 8: USA vs. Ulrich Greifeldt et al.; 1947-1948): 14 racial cleansing and resettlement officials

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Photograph for trial NMT 09. Einsatzgruppen Case - USA v. Otto Ohlendorf, et al.

Otto Ohlendorf

Einsatzgruppen Trial (NMT 9: USA vs. Otto Ohlendorf et al.; 1947-1948): 24 officers of the Einsatzgruppen (SS death squads)

Krupp Trial (NMT 10: USA vs. Alfred Krupp et al.; 1947-1948): 12 directors of the Krupp Group

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Ministries Trial (NMT 11: USA vs. Ernst von Weizsäcker et al.; 1948-1949): 21 officials of Reich government ministries

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High Command Trial (NMT 12: USA vs. Wilhelm von Leeb et al.; 1947-1948): 13 generals and 1 admiral of the German High Command

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